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For your consideration; a low stress high reward Christmas shopping experience. There is an easy way to complete all you Christmas shopping for your friends and family in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble and order The Land of Look Behind.

Step 2: Print this delightful card/invitation.

Best Gift Ever
Step 3: Place the card/invitation in their stocking.

Done and done. You’ve just given the gift of reading. Plus, one of the best parts of opening a gift is the anticipation. You’ve just gifted them several more weeks of anticipation, as they can now look forward to all the mystery and majesty of a brand new story. What could be better than that, you say? Well as an added bonus they have an invitation to a party. Whaaaaaaaat?!  That’s right, who doesn’t like a party? Not only do they get a book but they get to go to a celebration about the book and meet the guy who wrote it. As a double bonus when they present their invitation at the party and bring their book to get signed they will be entered into the grand prize drawing for a door prize. I know what you are thinking, this keeps getting better and better. But wait there’s more, for every copy you by an angel gets their wings. You’re welcome.

***Disclaimer*** Purchasing this book is it’s own reward. No angels will be granted wings bases on your purchase. Angel wings are granted based on merit and bell ringing. We apologize for this shameless self promotion. You are free to resume your holiday jubilation now.

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