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THE UNSAID is funny, poignant and thought provoking.” – Christene Houston

“The book is beautiful.” – Dirty Green Jello

“Can’t wait to see what Aaron Blaylock offers us next!” – Community Book Stop

“I found it intriguing and made me think about my own life,” – Singing Librarian Books

“I haven’t read a book like this before…I couldn’t put it down.” – Mel’s Shelves

“Most of all, this book made me think about my inner dialogue.” – Bookworm Lisa

“The book is hilarious.” – Making Life A Bliss Complete

“The ending is great…The last chapter gave me chills.” – Zane Talk

“Aaron Blaylock doesn’t disappoint!” – Reidhead Randomness

“This book was a great, feel good book that I totally wasn’t expecting.” – Book Loving Mommy

“This book sucked me into the plot from the beginning and I couldn’t stop until I found out what had happened.” – My Book A Day

The Unsaid was not my favorite book,” – Writing Worm

“I enjoyed the way Blaylock built the impression of heaven.” – Jorie Loves a Story


“The Land of Look Behind is a fine piece of historical fiction replete with quests, danger, war, intrigue, treasure and treachery.” – Deseret News



“Aaron Blaylock delivers on thrills in his first book,” – Beehive Book Nook


Increasingly interesting and suspenseful to the last page!” – Rockin’ Book Reviews


“The Land of Look Behind gives you a tasty sampling of the island’s arduous history” – Christene Houston, Award winning author of Cookie Girl Christmas


“I loved the way this was written and it drew me in from the beginning.”Mel’s Shelves

4.5 out of 5

“The Land of Look Behind, is a hit!”Singing Librarian Books


“Loved the twists and turns.”Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews


“It completely took me by surprise.”Literary Time Out



“This novel bends genre to its willing while keeping you interested and engaged…”Jorie Loves A Story


“Captivating, jaw-dropping, and full of danger, with much-needed humor sprinkled throughout” – A Bliss Complete


“The Land of Look Behind is a great, fun debut novel.” – Zane Talk


“Keeps you on the edge of your seat.” – Reidhead Random-ness


“Aaron certainly has a way of transporting his readers…” – From Eeka’s Eyes


“The book is full of adventure.” – Bookworm Lisa

“A rare book that I can’t predict and guess what is going to happen.” – Emmy Mom

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The Land of Look Behind and The Unsaid are published by Cedar Fort, Inc.

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