The following is an excerpt from the journal of Lieutenant Benjamin Jarvis, a British soldier in the mid-seventeenth century. These events, and those that will follow, lead directly to The Land of Look Behind; available everywhere February 9, 2016.

I am met with deep disappointment as my desire to leave has, for the meantime, been extinguished. The ship carrying the prisoners left this morning. I have instead been assigned under the command of Colonel West. Our objection is to round up the remaining outliers, farmers mostly, and see that they leave the island at once.

As soon as we have completed this mission and when this tour is over I intend to put in for a transfer to the colonies in the north and be done with the sea and this treacherous island combat for good. We have lost many of our numbers to fever, disease and consumption. Places like these are not fit for civilized man. In my humble opinion they ought to be left to wild ferocious animals who infest the hills and valleys. To those with the desire to inhabit this unwelcoming wilderness I say more power to them.

Entry I – Enter the Caribbean
Entry II – Caguay Bay Landing
Entry III – Spanish Town Prison
Entry IV – Night Raiders

Sneak Peak – The Land of Look Behind

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