Spanish Town Prison

The following is an excerpt from the journal of Lieutenant Benjamin Jarvis, a British soldier in the mid-seventeenth century. These events, and those that will follow, lead directly to The Land of Look Behind; available everywhere February 9, 2016.

Twelfth of June

   Despite the formal terms of surrender, and the exodus of most of the populous, there is a contingent that is determined to resist us. They have armed their Negroes and hide in the mountains like vagabonds. We have managed to subdue and capture a good number of them and are holding them here in Santiago de la Vega, which the men have begun to call Spanish Town. A stately manner near the town center was designated as a detention center. I have been assigned to keep watch over these rabble rousers.

  Actually there are a few who have been quite orderly and cooperative even though they did not leave with the rest of the noncombatants. Chavez, an elderly servant from the house of de Proenza, speaks English quite well and has begun to teach me Spanish. It is a way to fill the long nights when most of the prisoners are sleeping. This evening Chavez taught me to say El burro sabe mas que tu, which I believe means dumber than a donkey.

   I have not heard a report of Andrew in some time. I have no way of knowing if he is still on the ships or if he has been dispatched to a combat unit. I fear the worst.

Entry I – Enter The Caribbean

Entry II – Caguay Bay Landing

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  1. Aaron I absolutely love your name with the lock!
    I loved the teaser of an excerpt from your book. It has peaked my curiosity!! Look forward to reading more!

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