Enter The Caribbean

The following is an excerpt from the journal of Lieutenant Benjamin Jarvis, a British soldier in the mid-seventeenth century. These events, and those that will follow, lead directly to The Land of Look Behind; available everywhere February 9, 2016.

Ninth of May

    It has been nearly a fortnight since our failure to capture Hispaniola. Many of the men, including myself, wished to sail for England but Admiral Penn is determined not to return in defeat. From Santo Domingo we fought a contrary wind and headed due south. Owing to our losses I was at first relieved to board the Swiftsure and put our embarrassment behind us, however, I must admit I will be glad when we make landfall, even if it means another engagement.

    I have been little more than a nursemaid to Andrew during our voyage. A fever befell him and he has laid below deck day and night in an awful state of confusion. Last night, at last, his fever broke and this morning he seemed much improved. I secured some rations for him and took my leave to get above deck, as I longed for the sun and fresh air. One does not realize how the soul craves light until it is withdrawn.

    We were told our destination is the island of Jamaica and this evening that isle’s distance shores were spotted. Preparations are underway for an invasion. The Spanish forces of Jamaica are reportedly vastly inferior to those we encountered at Santo Domingo. Our objective is to take the Spaniards by surprise and secure a victory for the crown.

Entry II – Caguay Bay landing

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