Caguay Bay landing

The following is an excerpt from the journal of Lieutenant Benjamin Jarvis, a British soldier in the mid-seventeenth century.  These events, and those that will follow, lead directly to The Land of Look Behind; available everywhere February 9, 2016.

Twentieth of May

   Much has transpired yet it seems as if I only just set foot on the shores of this magnificent island. Our flotilla rounded a sandy barrier and made our way through the shallow bay waters.  The vessel that carried our company ran aground twice before we reached dry land.  We were fired on immediately but the enemy retreated when their position was flanked and overrun by our numbers.

   At Admiral Penn’s command we marched northwest to Santiago de la Vega.  We occupied the town and Colonel Venables soon joined us there to negotiate terms of surrender.

   We have met with shockingly little resistance and many of the inhabitants have already fled the island, it is almost as if they were keen to be rid of it.  The most excitement thus far has come from a wild boar who charged through our encampment just before dawn and startled a good many rugged and battle tested men.  It took several of us to bring it down and the skirmish was not without causality, Lieutenant Pryor’s dress shirt was dragged through the mud and pierced by its crooked horn.  Aside from the early morning entertainment and exercise the beast made a wonder meal come supper time.

   Andrew stayed aboard the Swiftsure with the rest of the sick and wounded and has missed all of the action, or lack there of, which I am sure to hold over him as long as he lives.  I miss his company and will be glad when he rejoins our ranks.  His humor will be a welcome addition to our revelry as we have won this swift and decisive victory for King and country.

Entry I – Enter the Caribbean

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